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Spring is Remodeling Season

As soon as the clock moved forward, early this past Sunday morning, our business took off. Monday morning, our incoming inquires increased by close to 50%. This is no isolated incident, as it happens every year. Once winter is over, and the weather starts to warm up, people start to think about remodeling their homes. Home shows typically start in February or early March and this helps get consumers excited and ready to move forward. With lending loosening up slightly, and interest rates at an all-time low, the time to improve your home is now.

In reality, repairs should ideally be addressed in the dead winter, so that permits and materials can be secured and work can start as soon as the weather breaks. Consumers as a group  just can’t or don’t seem to want to think about these issues until March. Fortunately, Tri-State Creations has both the internal and external staffs to allow consumers are extremely anxious, and we do very well in accommodating them by doing the work well and in efficient manner.

This is always an exciting time of year at Tri-State Creations. We hire additional personnel to handle the increased amount of projects that we are handling, and the challenge of completing these projects in a fantastic manner is rather exhilarating. After some of the slower months during the winter, this explosion in projects makes me totally excited to get to work each day.

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