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Home Improvement Financing With Tri-State Creations

Did you know that many home improvements and renovations immediately add significant value to your house? According to MSN House and Home, the following five improvements can increase the value of your home, often providing a payback of 86%-100%:

  • Heating System Installation
  • Minor Kitchen Remodeling
  • Major Kitchen Remodeling
  • New Bathroom
  • New Family Room

Also, according to Lending Tree, home remodeling and repair can increase the marketability of your house, if and when the time comes to list it on the market. If you have a long-term plan to stay in your house, then home improvements also offer many other benefits, which include most importantly helping your home run more efficiently. With the evolving technology for home improvement, you can save as much as 50% on your electric, oil or gas bills.
Tri-State Creations offers remodeling on not only kitchens and bathrooms, but your basement as well. Turn your musty basement into a whole new level of your house by adding a bedroom, plumping, electric, insulation and much more. Did you ever think that your basement could be the “life of your house”?
With Tri-State Creation’s state-of-the-art home improvement needs, you can add beauty to any room of your house for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, Tri-State Creations offers home improvement financing to ensure that you can afford to make the home improvements that you envision.
Tri-State offers every available type of home-improvement financing loans to consumers:

  • Re-Finance loans with no Out of Pocket expense, with rates as low as 2.9%
  • Unsecured personal loans at rates as low as 7.99% (4% less than the lowest bank rate)
  • Equity loans and Equity lines of credit
  • FHA Title 1 Loans that require NO EQUITY
  • Reverse Mortgages for customers 62 years of age or older: Make home improvements with NO monthly payments
  • Private Equity Loans for those with significant equity and poor or no credit.

Think of Tri-State Creations as not only a home remodeling and repair company, but as debt consolidation experts that can get extra cash in your hands very, very quickly.
With Tri-State’s home improvement financing plans, each of the loan programs listed above require NO MONEY DOWN. You won’t be disappointed, as the vision you have for all of your home improvements and renovations don’t have to be on next year’s “wish list.” With the available financing options, you can begin to beautify your house tomorrow!
For information and to see which programs you may qualify for, call us at (888) 990-8886, or visit

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  1. Ardis from says:

    They currently have to return their loan amount regarding the time period of 5 that would 25 years located in the secured make.
    Before applying for the loan, ensure that you have inspected your credit report by taking for its
    copies from all of the the reputed agencies.

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